VSTEP Launches Simulator That Makes Ship Simulation Easily Accessible


Nautis Home

VSTEP launched their latest maritime simulator NAUTIS Home for maritime professionals, students, or enthusiasts. Making ship simulation available on a large scale brings them closer to their goal; to ensure that simulation-based learning becomes a vital part in maritime education and training.

Simulation-based learning has been applied to a great extent in a variety of fields such as aviation and healthcare. In the maritime industry, simulation training has not yet obtained that equal role compared to other industries, whilst learning by simulation holds great value when it comes to the development and training of skills for maritime professionals.

“Simulation-based training is essential when it comes to improving the safety, efficiency and sustainability of the maritime industry,” says Fabian van den Berg, Chief Executive Officer of VSTEP. The maritime industry is evolving constantly, powering innovation but simultaneously bringing new challenges to the surface. Van den Berg continues, “Technological advances are pushing maritime professionals and future seafarers to learn and train new skills and competences. Simulation-based learning can assist to prepare the maritime professionals, especially in the current market with a shortage of qualified personnel.”

On-premises maritime simulators already play a crucial role in providing the right training value in maritime education. However, until now, ship simulation was mostly accessible at larger simulator set- ups at schools, organizations or training centers for maritime students or professionals. “We want to enable learning by simulation in the maritime industry,” states Van den Berg, “Which is why we aim to expand the accessibility of professional ship simulation towards a scalable, non-location bound product.”

VSTEP just launched their new maritime simulation solution NAUTIS Home in Early Access, aiming for a feature complete product by the end of 2023. NAUTIS Home offers an immersive simulation experience with realistic hydrodynamics to mimic true to nature vessel behavior. The software is based on their professional maritime software NAUTIS, which is used for large simulator set-ups for schools and training centers. NAUTIS Home contains standardized content for individual sailing, training, and assessment.

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