NAUTIS will start integrating innovative autodidactic tools within maritime simulation industry


NAUTIS Simulators will take your maritime training suite a step further in 2021 by introducing autodidactic tools to aid in maritime training.

Maritime training methodologies have been evolving radically over the past couple of years and the reliance on autodidactic or self-training technique has gained substantial admiration.

Education & Training Hence, the NAUTIS team at VSTEP is currently busy collaborating with Smart-Ship, a Delft based start-up that specializes in Haptic Feedback technology, to integrate haptics with NAUTIS maritime simulators. This integration will assist nautical students with their self-learning process.

Haptic Feedback is an advanced technology that allows the user to receive tactile information by sending out various touch-based feedback. This technology is utilized by a vast range of industries ranging from gaming to medical to education and simulation. The usage of Haptic Feedback is even more prevalent in the modern automotive industry, guiding drivers in the form of vibration feedbacks when for example the driver pushes the accelerator or the break too hard or turns the steering wheel suddenly with excess strength. Maritime students and trainees undergoing training with NAUTIS Simulators will now also be able to train with the help of haptics, which would reduce the need for an instructor. This will guide them through their navigation journey by providing direction & input in the form of telegraph, helm guidance assistance, vibrations, sounds or light.

Advantages of Haptic Feedback

  • Automated learning: Haptic Feedback controls provide guidance to its users on how to maneuver different types of vessels. Moreover, the advanced force-feedback system warns operators if their decisions may result in high-risk situations. This reduces dependency on instructors, making it cost effective and repeatable.
  • Replay scenarios: The levers log all instructor and trainee input which allows for seamless replays of scenarios to increase effectiveness in learning. The software also enables ‘rewind’ to review and redo the exercises and assess the possible consequences.
  • Customizable & remotely controllable: Haptic Feedback control can be integrated and used with all kinds of navigational simulators. Furthermore, the solution can be operated remotely which enables safe-distance training and limits unnecessary traveling.

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