AV Stumpfl provides blending for ship bridge simulator


Picture: Cosmo Pro AV and Media-Go Engineering
Picture: Cosmo Pro AV and Media-Go Engineering

Cosmo Pro AV has created a high-end, 270° edge blending ship bridge simulator, specified by the Hong Kong Marine Department as part of their overall training strategy.

In addition to traditional lecture rooms with professional AV teaching equipment, various computer-based simulation environments have also been installed in the training centre.

One of the key challenges of this project was to deliver a reliable solution for the blending and automatic calibration of the seven projectors.

The Hong Kong Marine Department wanted a truly user-friendly solution that would could easily re-align the projector images without the need for complicated and time consuming maintenance procedures.

Cosmo Pro AV decided to employ the latest generation of AV Stumpfl’s media servers running Wings Vioso software, which include Vioso’s multi camera calibration system for maximum efficiency and image accuracy.

“The limited projection distance meant that the camera positions were critical for the ship simulator project,” explained Jason Yeung, Cosmo Pro AV’s CTO. “Located in the centre of the simulator was the control bridge, which partially obstructed the camera views.

“Ultimately a total of seven cameras were needed to fully capture each projection image. In the end, it all worked beautifully. Thanks to great technology and the support of AV Stumpfl and Vioso, we were able to successfully deliver exactly what the end customer had envisioned.”

Two Wings Engine Stage media servers were used to capture all the image sources from the simulator software, creating one synchronised image.

The simulation experience features many scenes that have to realistically portray a variety of real-life scenarios, including the deep black of maritime nights. Seven Barco FL35 projectors were perfectly suited for displaying the visual environments.


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