New Simulator Operators Training Course


eMaritime group have written a new five-day Simulator Operators Training Course (SOTC) and will launch it with a free one-off session from June 19-23, 2017 at eMaritime Group HQ, Whiteley, Hampshire.

The SOTC course has been written to give those who wish to teach on a maritime simulator the necessary skills, teaching techniques and aids within a standard bridge simulator environment. The course is generic to simulator training in general and so can be applied to any make or model of simulator.

Course topics covered include:

  • Role of a Simulator Operator
  • Simulation Equipment Management
  • Rules Of the Road
  • Ship Handling Principles
  • Ship Board Emergency Procedures
  • Responsibility of a Simulator Operator in Critical Situations

The author of the course George Ward, eMaritime Group Project Support, said, "The simulator has become a vital tool for maritime colleges and companies all over the world. But as a company who run two ‘Train the Trainer’ courses, we are only too aware of their complexity which not only can be overwhelming to the instructors, but also they’re not getting the most out of the simulators potential. We’ve written the SOTC course to address these issues, and we would love to invite those who are interested in attending to the inaugural five-day course on Monday, June 19."

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