Maritime Simulator Agreement to Benefit UAE Customers


simulated bridge

An official partnership agreement has been signed by SMR Links Consultants and VSTEP, making SMR Links the exclusive partner of the NAUTIS maritime simulators and RescueSim Incident Command Simulator in the UAE region.

Through SMR Links, VSTEP will be making available its simulator solutions to the UAE market, meeting the needs of the maritime, safety and security sectors, with a focus on education and training, more effectively.

According to VSTEP, “SMR Links has already provided us with several projects from high-profile clients including the UAE Navy and the UAE Naval College. They have proven to be a very useful and trustworthy partner, with a big focus on our products.”

Dubai-based SMR Links Consultants specialises in providing technology-driven solutions, including training, simulation and technical support for the marine and military sector as well as onshore and offshore oil and gas fields and facilities services, and management training.

Headquartered in Rotterdam, VSTEP is a leading manufacturer of simulators and virtual training software. The company has two core product lines- maritime simulator solutions for the civilian and military marine industry (NAUTIS) and incident command and disaster management simulators for first responders (RescueSim).

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