Maritime institute receives simulators


THE Caribbean Maritime Institute (CMI) officially received three training simulators, Monday, which will allow it to offer additional courses to its students.

“The simulators will allow the institute to carry courses not offered before, such as bridge team management, piloting training, global maritime distress and safety system training, as well as automatic radar plotting and electronic chart display training,” said Wayne Ellis, technical project manager at the CMI’s Palisadoes Park headquarters.

The simulators were assembled last month but officially commissioned on Monday. The Institute’s over 300 students, along with Maritime companies, will use them in their training. Three hours of training on the simulators will be equivalent to one hour at sea and will help students fulfill the number of training hours needed to be licensed.

On Monday, the CMI received:

*a professional navigational bridge simulator — which replicates the Kingston Harbour and other courses, allowing real-time docking and navigation training without potentially damaging a real vessel;

*an engine room simulator — replicating emergency scenarios; and

*a liquid cargo handling simulator — allowing training for transiting oils and other liquids.

Link: Caribbean Maritime Institute

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